The rock lobster industry contribution to management and research is extensive and positive.  We are firmly committed to research and development, and we take a lead role in managing this valuable resource.

Participation by industry and sector groups enables management planning and research.  We believe we have the strategies that support this crucial participation.  In addition, we work with Government agencies to develop and implement credible standards and specifications to enable direct purchase of a range of fisheries services.


Key to the industry's eco label and product quality and certification investigation is the concept of "from the water, to the waiter".  We take pride in practically applying this approach.  From developing strategy to delivering rock lobsters, industry members are working to ensure that the fisheries are cared for as well as the customers.


Our role in the ongoing management of the resource is crucial to the fisheries' success.  We work to stay ahead of issues affecting the rock lobster fisheries. Changing political, social,

and legislative environments in New Zealand and the changes in our traditional markets can all impact on the industry.  Through collaboration with skilled service providers, entrepreneurial endeavour, a better appreciation of our respective legislative and social rights and responsibilities, we can continue to ensure well managed, flourishing fisheries.


In collaboration with Ministry for Primary Industries, the NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council facilitates the operation of the National Rock Lobster Management Group (NRLMG). NRLMG is a multi sector stakeholder representative group which is a primary source of rock lobster Total Allowable Catch and sustainability advice to the Minister of Fisheries.


For the latest recommendations from NRLMG on rock lobster management procedures please go to Management documents.

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