The NZ RLIC has its origins in the rock lobster advisory committee facilitated by the New Zealand Fishing Industry Board from 1979 through to March 1996.  During that time the New Zealand Fishing Industry Association and the New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen, with technical assistance from the Fishing Industry Board, had taken responsibility for rock lobster industry advocacy.  In September 1996 all three of those organisations formally passed their respective responsibilities for lobster issues across to the NZ RLIC, and in March 1998 the NZ RLIC registered as a limited liability company.


In 1997 the NZ RLIC became an accredited research provider to the Minister of Fisheries, and since then has successfully tendered for, and executed, three rock lobster stock assessment contracts.  The NZ RLIC has successfully contracted a fourth contract for a multi-year research programme.


Research contracts are undertaken in collaboration with NIWA, the Seafood New Zealand science unit, and contracted internationally recognised stock assessment consultants.  The NZ RLIC also utilises accredited field technicians employed by NIWA and by CRAMACs to undertake an extensive rock lobster stock monitoring programme in support of stock assessments.



The rock lobster industry currently contributes more than NZ$2.47 million dollars in Government cost recovery levies.  Research and compliance costs comprise the majority of those levies.  In addition, the rock lobster industry is voluntarily funding several regional research programmes and a major compliance initiative.  Rock lobster industry organisational funding is drawn primarily from statutory levies and is supplemented by CRAMAC membership subscriptions and voluntary funding on a project by project basis.


Industry has provided a strong foundation for the National Rock Lobster Management Group (NRLMG) since it was first established in 1992.  Recognised as the primary source of advice to Ministers on all matters pertaining to rock lobster fisheries, the NRLMG is resourced by the NZ RLIC by way of provision of an independent chairman, meeting venues and an administrative support role shared with the Ministry for Primary Industries.


The NZ RLIC works with Government agencies to develop and implement credible standards and specifications to enable direct purchase of a range of fisheries services.

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