CRAMAC is derived from the Quota Management System designation
 for rock lobster, CRA, and Management Area Council.

CRAMAC membership comprises CRA (rock lobster) quota owners, processors, exporters, and fishermen (quota share owners/operators and ACE owners) in each region.  The rules of associations provide a two-tiered voting procedure that gives priority to quota share ownership on issues affecting TAC/TACC (Total Allowable Catch) decisions, levy setting, and cost recovery submissions.  All nine CRAMACs hold a significant majority mandate of rock lobster quota shares owned in the regions.


CRAMACs are shareholders in the NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council (NZ RLIC), and appoint the board of directors.  The current board members represent a wealth of skill and experience in the rock lobster industry.  An independent chairman was appointed in 2005 to ensure proper governance, and accountability of shareholder funds.


The NZ RLIC takes the lead role in preparation and coordination of rock lobster industry submissions to Select Committees.  NZ RLIC and CRAMAC representatives supplement their practical experience with sound and credible science and policy advice available from Seafood New Zealand Limited, and contracted directly from NIWA and other experts.  The marriage of the practical working knowledge of the rock lobster fisheries and the research and management expectations of officials and sector groups has been a successful and productive one.


The NZ RLIC participates effectively in the extensive range of consultation meetings, the National Rock Lobster Management Group (NRLMG), seminars, advisory committees, research planning groups and in the stock assessment working group processes.

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