New Zealand Red Rock Lobster

CRA9 Fishery Management and Statistical Areas

The CRA 9 fishery is geographically large but has the smallest TACC of any region. The fishery extends from north of Bruce Bay to the Kaipara Harbour but commercial lobster fishing is constrained to the north-west coast of the South Island and the area between Patea and Kawhia, in particular the Taranaki coastline.

CPUE was consistent over many years and showed a significant increase since 2001/02 then stabilised to 2006 after which it declined sharply until 2008 and has since increased. The TACC has constrained commercial landings in every season from 1990, and CPUE suggests a stable or increasing stock.


A formal stock assessment was done for CRA 9 in 2012/13 and a new management procedure invoked a TAC of 115.8 tonnes. The 47 tonnes TACC set in 1990 was increased to 60.8 tonnes in April 2014.

When setting the CRA 9 TAC a 20 tonnes allowance was made for recreational removals and 30 tonnes for customary.


There are twenty three CRA 9 quota share owners. In the 2013/14 season only six commercial vessels reported CRA 9 landings. The estimated value of the landed catch was $3.3 million (based on average port price paid to fishermen). The industry supplies processing and export operations in Marlborough, Nelson, New Plymouth, Wellington, and Auckland.

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