New Zealand Red Rock Lobster

CRA3 Fishery Management and Statistical Areas

The CRA 3 fishery extends from East Cape south to the Wairoa River.

The current 389.95 tonnes TAC is comprised of a 20 tonnes allowance for amateur catch, a 20 tonnes allowance for customary harvest, an 89 tonnes allowance for illegal removals and a TACC of 260.95 tonnes.


The TACC is distributed amongst 43 quota share owners. In 2012 CRA 3 landings were reported by 25 commercial vessels. There is significant Iwi involvement in quota share ownership and fishing. The commercial harvest has an approximate landed value of $16.7 million (based on average port price paid to fishermen). There are two processing plants in Gisborne, and product is also shipped to Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland for processing and export.

Amateur catch was estimated at 18 tonnes (RLFAWG 2013), although an allowance of 20 tonnes was again made in the 2014 TAC decision. Potting and hand gathering are the preferred amateur fishing methods.


Rock lobsters have great cultural significance to local Maori and there is a very high level of customary harvest activity. Customary removals are uncertain although an allowance of 20 tonnes was made in the 2014 TAC decision.


For the 2013/14 season, stock monitoring in CRA 3 comprised 28 sample days across three statistical areas (909, 910, and 911) and 1000 tags were deployed in 909. Similar levels of coverage are contracted to 2015.

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