Rock Lobster Commodity Levy

The Rock Lobster Commodity Levy – officially known as the Commodity Levies (Rock Lobster) Order 2013 – came into force on 1 April 2013. It was largely a case of “business as usual” for levy payers as the new levy had been designed to replicate the old SeaFIC commodity levy which it replaced.

2017 Proposal

Commodity Levy Booklet Proposal 2017

Levy basics

The rock lobster levy has two components:


  1. The core services levy funds the activities of NZ RLIC, other rock lobster industry wide services, and the rock lobster industry share of any services provided for the wider benefit of the seafood industry (i.e., services currently provided by Seafood New Zealand); and
  2. The stock specific levy (sometimes known as the “second tier levy”) funds the activities of CRAMACs and may be imposed only at the request of a CRAMAC.


Annual levy rates are set by NZ RLIC following a consultation and mandating process set out in the NZ RLIC constitution. The levy can be used for research and development, management of rock lobster fisheries, policy issues affecting the rock lobster industry, promotion of the rock lobster industry, education and training, and day to day administration costs of NZ RLIC.


Because the initial levy rates are set in the levy order itself, the consultation process is first used to set the levy rates for the levy year beginning 1 October 2013. The same process applies for all subsequent years until the levy order expires on 1 April 2019.


Invoicing and payment of levies

Monthly invoicing and payment of the levy is administered by FishServe on behalf of NZ RLIC.


Further information

Details of the mandating and consultation process are set out in the Fifth and Sixth Schedules of the NZ RLIC constitution (links below).


For invoicing and payment issues, contact FishServe on or phone (04) 460 9555


The Commodity Levies Act 1990 describes what you can do in the event of a dispute over levies. You can find it on the government legislation website


The Rock Lobster Commodity Levy Order can be found here –


The links below on this page take you to the relevant schedules of the NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council Ltd constitution and to a guide which explains the levy process in detail.

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